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Poriya Reservoir

The Kedmat Galil industrial area generates a significant amount of wastewater from canneries, pharma, and food & beverage factories. The waste water is collected and stored in a large reservoir. This reservoir has an impressive size of 35 dunams and a volume of 135,000 cubic meters of water, with an average depth of 4 meters. The stored wastewater is intended for use in agricultural irrigation, but first undergoes a process of oxidation to ensure that it is safe for this purpose. By utilizing this wastewater for irrigation, local farmers can save on their water consumption and reduce the strain on other sources of water, while also helping to protect the environment. In addition, the oxidation process helps to remove any harmful substances that may be present in the wastewater, further ensuring that it is safe for use in agriculture.

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Poriya Reservoir, Israel


O3 Nanobubble Ozone System
O2 Nanobubble O2 System
Air Nanobubble Air System


Reservoir water treatment for irrigation
Wastewater treatment to reduce sulfides
Wastewater treatment to reduce sulfides
Icons_Reservoir-water-treatment-for-irrigation Reservoir water treatment for irrigation
Icons_Reservoir-water-treatment-for-irrigation Reservoir (30,000m3) water source for irrigation of soft fruit production
Intensive agriculture
Enriching water
Drinking water treatment
Disinfecting water
Disinfecting fruit & vegetables


Floating system


The Challenge
The Solution
The Results

Harsh odors that spread over a radius of more than 5 km.

At the end of October 2022, the Filtoflex floating Ozone Nanobubble System was installed.

Poriya Reservoir

A successful measurement of the termination in the smell was indicated by an increase in the amount of oxygen in the water.

At the beginning of the work, the amount of oxygen measured was 1.5ppm. After 3 days, a separation of surfactants and lipids was observed. After a week the level of oxygen in the water was 3.5ppm

Poriya Reservoir
Two weeks after the installation there were no more odors.

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