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Purification of Wastewater & Municipal Water Treatment

Nanobubble technology in wastewater treatment is an effective technique owing to its special characterization of bubbles, such as small-sized gas bubbles, higher surface area, slow rising velocity, negatively charged zeta potential, generation of free radicals, stability, and as a result the immense possibility of successful adhesion to the suspended particles. Applications of Nanobubbles in wastewater treatments entail higher mass transfer rates that lead to a high percentage of treatment using air, oxygen, and ozone.

Nanobubbles increase mass transfer when more stabilized small-sized bubbles are used. They successfully remove organics, inorganics, oil, color, fungi and bacteria, heavy metals, total nitrogen, and total phosphorous present in wastewater.

We treat:

Oxidation of Intensive Biological System

Lagoons & Water Reservoirs



Oil & Gas