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Livestock Wastewater Pre-Treatment

Our Nano-Ozone AOP technology provides chemical-free and highly effective wastewater pre-treatment for dairy and pig farm wastewater.

Since livestock production wastewater has high biological and pathogen loads, before reusing it in irrigation, the wastewater must undergo pre-treatment to render it suitable for further processing at wastewater treatment plants.

Our Nanobubble technology disinfects wastewater, eradicating pathogens and preventing the formation of biofilm. In addition, our wastewater treatment brings the water chemistry levels to regulatory standards by removing oil, COD, BOD, TSS, TOC, and improving Turbidity.

Filtoflex Nanobubble systems are simple to operate and require minimal maintenance making them practical and attractive solutions for our customers.

We treat:

Dairy farm wastewater

Pig farm wastewater