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Aquaculture Water Treatment

Nanobubble technology in aquaculture water treatment is applicable for intensive oxidation of water entering the farming pool and water purification treatment for exiting pool water.

Water entering a controlled farming pool requires oxygen enrichment to sustain the fish and seafood being cultivated. This is effectively done with intensive nanobubble oxidation.

The unique characteristics of nanobubbles allow them to be ideal carriers of gases, in this case, oxygen. Highly energy-efficient to generate, oxygen-filled nanobubbles systems require little to no maintenance or CIP.

At the exit point of circulating pool water, nanobubble technology is applied to purify the leaving water. Without the use of any chemicals, the nanobubble ozone system efficiently removes contamination, making the treated water safe to re-enter the natural sea or ocean, and thereby closing the water circulation loop.

We treat:

Oxidation of growth environments