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Intensive Agriculture

Enriching water with air-filled Nanobubbles

The primary success factors for productive cultivation are to provide the plants with adequate water, air, and nutrients.

Filtoflex’s unique system can be easily integrated into many intensive production systems to saturate the water with air-filled Nanobubbles.

The introduction of Nanobubbles in these applications increases dissolved oxygen (DO) levels by 10-15%.

Research has shown plants grown with Filtofelx’s Nanobubble technology experience increased nutrient uptake and improved plant health, due to lower incidence of root diseases, which leads to bigger plants (increased yield) over a shorter time period.

The negative charge of the Nanobubbles interacts with important cations (potassium, calcium, magnesium, and ammonium) required for plant growth. This interaction increases the cation exchange capacity of the water which leads to improved nutrient uptake by the plant.

Due to the Brownian motion and high surface charge, Nanobubbles are evenly distributed in the water volume and extremely stable over time acting as a storage and delivery system of plant nutrients.

The increased nutrient availability and DO levels of the water create optimal conditions for root growth.

Post-Harvest Disinfection Treatment

Fruit & vegetable packaging house

Food contamination with harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi is a primary concern of all packaging houses, especially for fresh produce.

The list of approved chemicals and pesticides that can be used in post-harvest treatment is highly regulated and constantly changing, presenting a serious challenge.

Oxidation of pollutants and elimination of pathogens using ozone is a well-known method, requiring low concentrations and short contact time. However, current applications utilizing macro and micro bubbles face many challenges due to the instability of the bubbles.

Filtoflex’s Nanobubble technology greatly improves the efficacy of ozone treatment by delivering stable, reactive ozone via water medium. In addition, the extremely small bubble size allows ozone to reach ‘’inside’’ tiny cuts and imperfections on the produce surface where many pathogens are harbored.

Hydroponic agriculture


Packing Houses

Aeroponics agriculture

We treat:

Oxygen Enrichment (DO)

Drinking Water Disinfection

Seed Disinfection


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