Yagur Hydroponic Agriculture 3

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Yagur Hydroponic Agriculture 3

June-July, 2020

6,000 sqm of Hydroponic Deep Water Floating Raft Culture (DWC) greenhouse
Each production pool is 30 meters length and 6 meters width. Each raft contains five lettuce plants
Production pool water volume: 18-20 m³

Growing cycle – 20 days
Filtoflex Nano bubbles system was located at the head of the production pool, generating Nano air bubbles at high intensity, creating enriched water at a range of 1.5 m³ per hour

Project ID


Yagur Hydroponic greenhouses, Israel


Nano Bubbles O2 System


Enriching water


Aeroponics agriculture



Water Temperature
Average Temperature of 23°C


Fresh Weight:


The growth cycle was in July, a month with higher solar radiation
Enriched fertigation water with Nano air bubbles increased the average the fresh weight of the lettuce by 43% or alternatively it shortened the growing cycle by four days, thereby increasing the number of harvests per year.
The amount of fertilizer was reduced by 10%
Based on the above experiment, there is a saving of 3-4 growth days per cycle, which represents two additional growing cycles per year.

Based on grower cost and profit conditions, the ROI is 6 months

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