About FiltoFlex

Founded in 2011, the company is partnered with Kinrot Ventures - one of the world’s first fully dedicated water and clean technology incubators. In May 2011 the company completed initial alpha testing and is scheduled to complete its initial beta testing in January 2012.

The FiltoFlex Team:

Nir Oz
Is the company’s founder and CEO with over 25 years of experience in inventing and developing new technologies and engineering devices.
  Dekel Tzidon
Overseas the company’s IP development, with over 20 years of research and development experience.
Osnat Merom Jacov, PhD.
Has extensive scientific development experience in environmental science and water treatment technologies.
  Dr. Itzhak Shalev
Polymer chemistry expert. Dr. Shalev has 35 years of experience in R&D and production in the polymer and fiber based industries .
Joshua Wolfson
Silicones elastomers development expert, Mr. Wolfson has over 30 years of experience in developing silicones elastomers.


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