Tertiary Treatment of Treated Wastewater in Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)
June-August 2012

Filtoflex filtration technology used as tertiary treatment effluent in a WWTP in the north of Israel. This WWTP handles biological wastewater treatment-activated sludge of municipal and industrial wastewater from the area, characterized by a variable organic load.

Filtoflex filtration technology operated in parallel with the fabric filter system that is the tertiary treatment in the WWTP.

  • To compare the water filtration quality of Filtoflex technology to the existing technologies, with these common parameters: turbidity (HACH P2100), TSS conc. (SM 2540D).

  • To determine filtration operation and maintenance.

  • To check backwash efficacy (time, water, air, energy demands).

  • To check filter reliability in varying water qualities, especially with high loads of organic material.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Properties
Filtoflex Module Specifications


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